Show your support and get customising!


Celebrating the theme, showcased are folk from different backgrounds, cultures, and ages.  But this has only captured a small portion of the more than 718,000 Queenslanders over the age of 65.

This year we are encouraging people to customise their own poster(s), showcasing people in their communities.

You could run a photo competition, asking your community members to nominate themselves and share with you what Seniors Week means to them.  Take elfies (elder selfies) with your family, friends and community. Consider working with a youth group, Seniors Week is on for all ages.

The beauty is you can customise as many posters as you like!

Access the customisable poster here.

Looking to customise an event poster?  Access a template here.

Do you need a little help editing the poster?  We have created a video to get you started.