Forming Partnerships

Forming partnerships can be a great way to achieve your event goals.

Partnerships can help you:
• Reach your goals
• Ease monetary constraints
• Share the workload
• Strengthen your relationships
• Provide moral support
• Increase your knowledge base and skill sets
• Assist in increasing your organisation or group profile

To find out more download the Forming Partnerships useful tip sheet.

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Eldery woman with grand children

Creating Your Online Event Calendar Listing

You have planned your event, now what? It is now time to promote it through the event calendar.

Find out more about creating your online event calendar entry download the Event Registration useful tip sheet.

Event Promotion

Event promotion is a lot like gardening. Start by sowing the seeds of your ideas and caring for your garden by fertilising with marketing and promotion.

To find out more download the Promoting Your Event useful tip sheet.

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